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Technical Information
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VPS Cancellation
Enabling PPP & TUN/TAP
You can enable PPP and TUN/TAP via the SolusVM VPS control panel.Please remember a few rules when...
I submitted an order but the total amount due is different from the prices listed on the product page. Why?
All our prices are pro-rated.If the order was submitted before the 15th of the month, the total...
"You Have Been Blacklisted - Contact Support." I got this error while logging in to SolusVM. What should I do?
You have tried to login to SolusVM with the incorrect username/password too many times.You need...
Reverse DNS (IPv4 & IPv6)
You can update Reverse DNS (RDNS) for your VPS IPs directly from SolusVM VPS Control Panel, you...
KVM OS Installation
If you need a temporary memory boost to perform your installation, simple open a ticket with us...

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