OVZCORE Free Bandwidth Upgrade

I'm happy to announce that we will now DOUBLE bandwidth for ALL packages (except OVZCORE-128) based on the old bandwidth. Below is the new revised upgrade.

Old Bandwidth: 500GB
New Bandwdith: 1000GB

Old Bandwidth: 1000GB
New Bandwidth: 2000GB

Old Bandwidth: 2000GB
New Bandwidth: 3000GB 4000GB


Old Bandwidth: 2500GB
New Bandwidth: 4000GB 5000GB

The bandwidth upgrade has already been activated for all VPS. If you login to your WHMCS or SolusVM control panel, you will see the new increased bandwidth amount. VPS that were suspended due to 100% bandwidth used have been unsuspended due to the bandwidth upgrade.

If your VPS renewal is on 1st March 2014, your WHMCS bandwidth upgrade has been RESET. We have done this because many customers have informed us they will not need their additional bandwidth due to our upgrade. Now you will get the upgraded bandwidth + additional paid bandwidth upgrade. On 1st March 2014, we will reset your VPS in SolusVM to default bandwidth. Please see below example.

[Bandwidth Example 1]
Old WHMCS/SolusVM: OVZCORE-1024 (2000GB) $20 + Additional 4000GB BW $40. Total 6000GB Bandwidth
Renewal Date: 1 March 2014

Now SolusVM: 8000GB Bandwidth (Base 4000GB + Additional 4000GB Already Paid)

1st March SolusVM: 4000GB Bandwidth

If you need more bandwidth in March 2014, please use the usual bandwidth upgrade portal to purchase additional bandwidth.

[Bandwidth Example 2]
Old WHMCS/SolusVM: OVZCORE-1024 (2000GB) $20 + Additional 3000GB BW $30
Renewal Date: 1 April 2014

Now WHMCS: OVZCORE-1024 (4000GB) $20 + Additional 3000GB BW $30
Now SolusVM: 7000GB Bandwidth

1st March SolusVM: 7000GB Bandwidth

1st April SolusVM: 7000GB Bandwidth

For customers who renew on 1st April 2014 and don't want the additional bandwidth, open a ticket when your renewal invoice is sent in March 2014 and we'll help you adjust it.

We hope this bandwidth upgrade will save customers who have high bandwidth usage some money. Please open a ticket if you have any other queries.

Kenshin - OneAsiaHost

Friday, February 21, 2014

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