I am out of bandwidth and my VPS is suspended! How do I request for a bandwidth upgrade?

***If you are upgrading bandwidth for a KVM-type VPS, kindly open a request ticket through your billing panel***
Kindly follow the following steps:

  1. Login to WHMCS
  2. Visit https://www.oneasiahost.com/billing/bandwidth.php on another tab/window
  3. Click "Upgrade" for the VPS you wish to upgrade bandwidth
  4. Select new bandwidth amount, click checkbox to confirm and then click "Upgrade"
  5. Make payment for bandwidth upgrade invoice
  6. Click "Check Payment" on the same page, or you can go back to service list and click "Check Payment"
  7. VPS will be automatically upgraded with new bandwidth and unsuspended if it's suspended for bandwidth overusage

Bandwidth upgrades are typically billed until the end of the billing cycle of a VPS.

However, if the renewal invoice has been sent, the bandwidth upgrade will be billed until the end of the billing cycle stated in the renewal invoice.

For example:

  • Renewal invoice for OVZCORE VPS (for 1st Dec - 31st Dec) sent on 24th Nov
  • 500GB bandwidth upgrade for OVZCOREĀ VPS requested on 28th Nov
  • Bandwidth upgrade total amount due = $10 i.e. Upgrade for Nov-Dec (2 months)
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